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Mylène Farmer - Je te dis tout (subtitulado en español) desde en Vimeo

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My mom is wrong

One my mum is wrong

Two so sweet is love

Three the nurse is crying

Four she's mine

Five it's my own right

Six to wanna touch

Seven on top of that

Eight it's fun

One mummy won't hear

Two some day i'll go

Three can't stop the tears

Four it hurts

Five say what i want

Six i feel so down

Seven don't like the thing

Eight do you ?

I go so easily

Where it's not allowed to be

Her smiling pleases me

I love the nurse mummy

One i think it's good

Two telling you this

Three i feel better

Four it's fun

Five mummy won't hear

Six about the nurse

Seven she's beautiful

Eight she's mine

One the nurse sings

Two i feel strange

Three just like a deer

Four i'm scared

Five it's hard to live

Six about one smile

Seven i cry all night

Eight do you ?

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